From small businesses to multinational corporations, we provide latest generation services and tools to cover all of your commercial needs

— Stay one step ahead of your competitors.

We know that in the digital era everything is in constant change and requirements imposed on your company can be difficult to handle

We simplify things for you. Now, you can find with ease the solutions that are most adequate for you, all in the same place. We are here to help you ensure the growth and commercial continuity of your organization, now and in the future.


Turn digitalization challenges into opportunities and choose the most adequate and profitable TIC solutions for your company.


Be it 5G, IoT o latest generation data centers, you can count on us to always keep one foot over the future.

Our experts will help you design, develop and keep our latest generation TIC solutions.



We design and develop Tier IV Data Centers in different locations, certified by the Uptime Institute, with more than 50% of self-supply renewable source energy.


A managed service, that includes infrastructure monitoring to detect incidents and attacks with anticipation: analysis service, regular reports and alerts, customized for every situation.


We establish video surveillance systems using all technologies; visualization and recording as well as access control, non ARC alarms and presence control.


We develop project direction and management as well as electronic network infrastructure maintenance. We establish switching and routing solutions for big companies, organizations and public offices.

Strong experience and innovative solutions

Our new solutions increase the speed and efficiency of your business. Our clients are national, international operators and wholesalers. We offer high quality wholesale services, from single connections to demanding integral solutions.

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Data services

We offer data storage, big data and non-structured data analysis services along with more traditional data services such as backup copies and data replication, filing and recovery solutions for disasters.


We offer private and virtual cloud platforms, housing services to relocate servers and IT equipment. We also offer storage services for clients partners.