The benefits of a public cloud in our data centers

Improve connectivity and take it to the maximum level through Hyperdata. With our new hybrid cloud service, your data will be safely stored in our new data centers.

Services for operators

We offer different data center services for operators, from space options ready to be used to supplementary services.

Safe storage

Our services ensure that your data and servers are always in a safe and reliable environment, under our expert control.

It is said that Internet of things will bring a revolution on our daily life and it shall do it the same way electricity revolutionized the industry. Smart offices and devices that communicate with each other through the Internet have already renewed the functioning of many companies. Is your company next?

Companies depend on the functioning of data centers

Quick changes caused by digitalization require an agile network that can back up business’ growth and change.


Clients demand new and changing needs and these have to be satisfied quickly.


Users must count with a guaranteed access worldwide 24 hours each day, 7 days a week.

The combination of our local and international services allows us to offer your company or organization the opportunity to grow all of its TIC infrastructure thanks to a reliable partner.

— Full service 360, Hyperdata